Rico Lesbian - Bodybuilder Chicks Seduction

Rico Lesbian - Bodybuilder Chicks Seduction play

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She stood, completely naked in front of me, as if for inspection; I sat on the bed as my eyes feasted on her every curve. Her brown eyes stared back at me, they are still large, but so much deeper and more intelligent than I had noticed before . She quivered above me, a single string of saliva connecting our mouths. Click here. Mike nodded silently then with a couple of quick chugs finished his beer. I told you at the beginning of my story that I had a very high sex drive and it s the truth; I explained to my Doctor that I was practically a nymphomaniac and she told me she could put me on medication to curb my sex drive, but Rick would have none of it, so Rick and I had discussed me taking on a lover to satisy my insatiable sex drive rather than being on some unnatural medication (if it came to that) and as long as we were honest with each other, we could work it out, and I was to just do "what came naturally" and to let Rick know what was going on as it transpired

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I told Rick that I wanted him to fuck Joanna, and eventually I wanted to watch, maybe even have a three way, and Rick was all for it, but worried how to fit Mike into the picture. Welcome 'Just the tip.

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Lesbian - Bodybuilder Chicks

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